This is an excerpt from my mud.WLD file:

; *****************************************************************
; * We don't put much in here, just includes to other files *
; *****************************************************************

; --- Exclusive Object Files ---

; --- World Files ---
!INCLUDE World\Node01.WLD 0 0 0 *
!INCLUDE World\temp.wld 333 333 333 *

  • ;:
    Denotes a comment line. No idea as to it's flexibility, so it is best to use it on a solitary line only.
    Specifies that the rest of the line is a world file to be added to the global world with any options.
  • World\Node01.WLD:
    This is the actual world file's path from the location of the BeanMUD server executable.
  • 0 0 0:
    This is the world file's offset.
    As it is sometimes easier to simply start all world files at 0,0,0 this offset is used to re-position the individual worlds in the global environment by shifting its x/y/z co-ordinates by the given offset.
  • *:
    No idea what this does, none what so ever...