I worked on beanMUD, or more appropriately RingQuest -- the MUD being developed from around 1995 to 1997 as a world developer. beanMUD is no longer being maintained, and has since been released under the Gnu General Public License.

A Message from Beancurd

  • The current version of BeanMUD and BeanEdit are currently closed and private, and must remain so, though your licenses to execute for personal use remain. However, I will be changing the licensing of future BeanMUD versions as follows:
  • A new release will be made available, under the GNU General Public License. This will be identical to the latest source tree available on my system, with the addition of a copy of the GPL as well as comments noting such on the source files and in dialog boxes in any graphical version, or at the command line otherwise.
  • The version of the software will be changed to match Linux kernel conventions. The first public release on your site will be 0.1.1, where the second number will be even only when the software is considered stable by the current developer.
  • The GPL and a thorough changelog will be maintained in all releases, acknowledging me (Michael Jarrett) as the original owner, and that future authors must acknowledge their changes in the changelog. No information maybe removed from the changelog by future authors, only appended.
Michael Jarrett <JudgeBeavis@hotmail.com>

A Message from Mors

  • Please remember to submit all changes you think benefit the project back to myself.
  • You can submit platforms running BeanMUD by simply copying the format below, and submitting it to my e-mail.
Joseph Millman <mors_d@hotmail.com>

Test Platforms
CPU: 866MHz CPU: 150MHz
OS: Windows 2000 OS: Windows NT4.0
BeanMUD: 0.1.2 BeanMUD: 0.1.2
IP Address: No longer opperational IP Address: Private internal
No longer opperational