We originally planned for there to be more features implemented in beanMUD.

This is a list of some of those features that did not make it, but that we had developed around. More will be added as they are remembered.

  • Bounty System:
    This is the sole reason there is a Bounty Hunter class. We intended to include a system where people could place a price in gold on the head of another player. Only Bounty Hunters could claim these bounties, all other character classes would have to negotiate with a Hunter or the issuer if hey wanted to claim the bounty for themselves. If the bounty could not be filled, then the Bounty Hunter could simply collect on the issuer instead by offering their own bounty.
  • IP Address Selection:
    As mentioned BeanMUD listens for clients on the lowest IP address, ignoring loopback. We cannot recall if such a method was ever implemented to force a selection, although it is speculated that if it was, it's in beanmud.ini
  • Experience Points:
    This really is a "bug". As the mobiles have no levels, tough mobiles require increasingly higher amounts of experience to be assigned to them. As a world developer you just have to work around this.